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Treks and Travels is held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month beginning in September and ending in June with the exception of December and always begins at 7:30 PM.

Members of the public are welcome to attend (at a cost of $5).

If you are interested in sharing a presentation with CALL members please contact Treks and Travels 

The Outcasts: Garbage, Poverty and Leprosy in Kore Slum, Addis Ababa

Imagine that you are a fifteen-year-old girl or boy who lives with your family in a remote part of Ethiopia. You go to school and you help around the house and on the farm with your brothers and sisters. Then everything changes for you overnight. No one will touch or hug you; you have to eat your food separately from your family and your dish and cup must be separate. You are called names and you are ostracized. And then you are told that you must leave your family and go to the far-away capital city of Addis Ababa to get treatment for your leprosy. A relative will go with you, but it may be years before you see your family again. You are an outcast because you have caught leprosy- and your world has just been shattered.

In this talk, Miriam will share the stories of men and women who are leprosy-affected. The story above happened to most of them and even decades later, the trauma of leaving their families is still there. They are grateful to have received treatment for their leprosy, and many met and married their spouses in the slum of Kore, home to many leprosy-affected people. Kore is built around one of the largest garbage ‘mountains’ in Africa and is home to the koshe, or people who sort through garbage to make a living with recycling and even as a source of food.

In interviews conducted in November/December of 2022, volunteers talked to men and women about their families, their housing, and how they make a living. They talked about whether they had any friends, and how they felt about their lives and about the lack of support from the government. Come to hear Miriam’s present their stories, their struggles, and whether there are any glimmers of hope for people who feel as if they are outcasts. (Photos courtesy of M Grant)

Date:Wednesday, September 20
Time:7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Where:Varsity Presbyterian Church
 4612 Varsity Drive NW
Presenter:Miriam Grant

Journeying Across the Globe: A Dive into “Travelling Tuesdays”

Lucy Graham, a retired teacher and handbell ringer from Lethbridge, AB, is now a published author. She wrote a book called Travelling Tuesdays. In it, Lucy shares stories about many of the countries she has been able to visit all over the world. Lucy will share personal highlights of her travel adventures while visiting with family and friends, taking school breaks from teaching, or joining others who enjoy the art of playing handbells.

Learn new and interesting things about each country and discover life in fascinating places in each of the continents Lucy has visited.
(Photos courtesy of L. Graham)

Lucy Graham

Travelling Tuesdays by Lucy Graham

Date:Wednesday, October 18
Time:7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Where:Varsity Presbyterian Church 
 4612 Varsity Drive NW
Presenter:Lucy Graham 

**Members of the public are welcome to attend (at a cost of $5).

We are looking for more adventurers–CALL members and others– to come forward to stimulate and inspire us with accounts of their treks and travels. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact the Treks & Travels team via e-mail at Treks & Travel

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