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Board Position

Do you enjoy CALL’s programs and activities?  Show your appreciation and play a vital role in CALL’s future by becoming a Board member.

The CALL Nominating Committee is inviting people to support CALL by taking a turn serving as a board member. They are looking for volunteers to fill the following position.

Interested?  Contact  Volunteer Coordinator


The Marketing Committee is a new committee this year which will be responsible for developing and implementing a marketing strategy for CALL.  The Chair of the Marketing Committee will be responsible for creating the committee which will then write the terms of reference for the committee.  Thereafter the Chair will call and attend the meetings of the Marketing Committee and report to the Board on its activities.  The term is two years. 

The time commitment is unknown as it is a new position and whoever takes it on will determine the time commitment.

Café Coordinator


Our monthly Café is one of CALL’s key events. It’s an Open House for all members to visit and enjoy a special program. 
The Café Coordinator books the guest speakers, arranges the venue and works with CALL's crack A/V and Food/Beverage teams. It’s also one of CALL's most enjoyable positions.
This is your opportunity to use your leadership and organizational skills to connect CALL members with some of Calgary’s most interesting public figures and speakers.
Interested?  Contact  Volunteer Coordinator

Creative Arts Coordinator

Are you a fan of the creative arts?  Would you like to work and liaise with imaginative people to help bring visual arts and crafts to the CALL membership?  

We need someone to work with the Creative Arts Interest Groups and the Program Committee to develop and oversee programming in this area. You probably want to know, “How does that look in our present world of zoom?”

The creative arts area is fortunate to have caring Facilitators providing a variety of online groups.  We need a Coordinator to continue communicating with Facilitators as to how things are going, and what other ways we can bring Creative Arts to CALL members.  It is all about learning together, and if you are interested in supporting this important area of CALL, we look forward to hearing from you! 

If you are interested please contact volunteer@calgarylifelonglearners.ca for more information. 


Volunteers are the backbone of CALL. We sincerely thank all of our dedicated volunteers who make CALL such a wonderfully diverse and interesting organization! 

We are truly lucky to have such a rich range of life experience in our membership. Your time and talent is immeasurable. Simply put… without - YOU-our volunteers - CALL WOULD NOT EXIST!


As CALL is growing we have need for more people to help maintain the quality of what we offer. Take some time and get involved in CALL .... meet new people, develop new friendships while providing valuable help.

There are many ways to help out. Some are one­time , short term or seasonal .... while others are longer term and require a regular time commitment.  If any position piques your interest or you have a unique background that you would like to share…we’d love to hear from you!  You don’t need to be an expert. All you need is to have an interest.  Mentorship and guidance will be provided for the longer term volunteer positions.

Please email Volunteer Coordinator we would be happy to talk about the opportunity and forward your interest to the appropriate person!

*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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