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Not So Common Law

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Trial by jury is fundamental to our criminal justice system and is a constitutionally protected right. We expect 12 ordinary citizens, untrained in the law, to come into a courtroom and listen to the recounting of events about which they know nothing, involving people with whom they have no familiarity, and then impartially make a decision about whether someone has committed a crime.

Then, as happened in a recent case, there is no dispute that a nonindigenous farmer shoots and kills an indigenous man at close range. By any reasonable account it was a wrongful killing that was either intentional or negligent. However, an “all white” jury acquits the farmer.

Did racial bias play a role in the acquittal? How can one be tried a jury of their peers when no one on that jury shares your ethnicity or gender? Why do we use juries anyway? Is there any advantage in using an ancient practice in modern justice? How do we decide who should sit on a jury?

Monday, May 17th, 2021, 1 to 3 pm


April Presentation

The Legal Duty to Provide Necessaries of Life

Everyone has a legal duty as a parent, guardian,  or head of a family to provide necessaries of life to a child in their care.  The legal duty to provide necessaries of life also extends to a person’s spouse, or to an adult person in their care and charge where that adult person is unable to provide herself with necessaries of life and is unable, by reason of age, illness, mental disorder or other cause, to withdraw himself from that charge.

Recent controversial cases in Alberta on parents’ responsibility to provide medical care to their children illustrate the nature and extent of the legal duty to provide necessaries of life and are applicable to situations involving children, vulnerable persons, dependent adults and elder abuse. 

Monday, April 26, 2021, 1 to 3 pm

March Presentation

Can the Law Stop Internet Harassment?

Canadian law is still grappling with how to deal with Internet harassment and other online-based wrongdoing. Cyber-defamation and cyberharassment can attain widespread scope in a viral instant. Some recent Canadian cases have created new causes of action and new remedies in order to meet this challenge.

Update on the Toronto Van Attack case - following up January’s session:

“When should mental disorder, like Autistic Spectrum Disorder, be a defence to criminal acts?”

Monday, March 22, 2021 at 1 PM

February Presentation

Legal Actions Against the Crown and Governments
Rex non potest peccare (“The King can do no legal wrong”]

Presenter: Jim Conway

Are governments above the law (just because they happen to have a majority in Parliament or a provincial legislature)? Is the Crown or a government immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution? Can you sue the government for its infringement of your legal rights? Or to protect the environment?

Monday, February 22, 2021 at 1 P.M.

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About Not So Common Law

We are going to explore the historical and social background of some of the intriguing, interesting and important legal cases which have had lasting impact on our society and affect our lives today. Each month we will have a presentation about some of these famous and fascinating cases, plus the opportunity to discuss legal current affairs. Legal issues and law cases will be based on current events and participants ’ interests. Some of our upcoming topics are:

  • What are your “Constitutional Rights”? Canada’s Constitution and remedies for infringement of an individual’s constitutional rights
  • Civil Rights. Canadian Law on the subject of racism and discrimination
  • You can’t fight City Hall!”. Actually you can. Legal actions against the Crown and governments
  • What you don’t know about being a tenant or being a landlord
  • Upcoming changes to the law regarding Medical Assistance in Dying [MAID]

Dates and Details

When:Last Monday of the month (with exceptions)
Time:1:00 - 3:00 PM

Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22, Apr 26, May 17, June 28, 2021

Where:Online Zoom meetings until  in person meetings are allowed.
Presenter:Jim Conway, lawyer

Dale Rudd, Coordinator

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Past Presentations


Civil Rights--Canadian Law on the Subject of Racism and Discrimination



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