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Not So Common Law


We are going to explore the historical and social background of some of the intriguing, interesting and important legal cases which have had lasting impact on our society and affect our lives today. Each month we will have a presentation about some of these famous and fascinating cases, plus the opportunity to discuss legal current affairs. Legal issues and law cases will be based on current events and participants' interests.

Our upcoming topic in September is:


Protest encampments on universities proliferated this year across Canada, the protestors demanding that universities divest from funds supporting Israel’s military operations in Gaza. Some protestors occupied university campuses. In Alberta, the University of Calgary called in the police to dismantle a student encampment in the University quad on May 9, 2024 less than 24 hours after it went up, and similar action followed at the University of Alberta.

Concerns were raised about the use of force by police in ejecting protestors at the behest of the Alberta universities. The universities have defended their actions on the basis that they had properly invoked their powers under trespass law and university policies. Other universities (University of Toronto) commenced legal proceedings under trespass law seeking court injunctions and restraining orders against protestors before seeking police assistance to eject “trespassers”.

Does the law of trespass support the actions taken by universities?

Isn’t free expression a core purpose of a university? The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects fundamental freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, and association. Does the Charter apply to universities and “override” trespass law and university policy?

Our upcoming topic in October is:


A life lease is a “new” type of housing agreement where a person buys the right to occupy a dwelling unit in a particular development for life, or a specified period of time. In life lease housing, the buyer does not own the property. Rather the life lease holder holds an “interest” in that property with the “right to occupy” (live in) a residential unit. The attraction is that a life lease property is usually priced lower than similarly sized condominiums in the area.

A life lease typically requires paying an upfront lump sum - and monthly maintenance payments plus property taxes thereafter. Depending on the type of life lease, the upfront lump payment may be refundable when the person decides to leave, or the life lease may be sold or transferred to the person’s estate. Within the past year, you may have heard media reports about the difficulties that some Alberta seniors have experienced in trying to get their life savings back after signing up for a life lease. Alberta has enacted new legislation to enhance consumer protection for life leases. Is this new law enough to protect consumers?

Plus “What you don't know about being a tenant or being a landlord in Alberta”

Our upcoming topic in November is:


How judges decide what is a "fit and proper sentence" for criminal acts.

This program is facilitated and presented by Jim Conway, CALL member & retired lawyer.

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When: 4th Monday of the month (with exceptions)
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 PM

2024: Sep 23, Oct 28, Nov 25 (no meeting in Dec, too close to Christmas)

2025: Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 24, Apr 28, May 26, Jun 23

Where: Online Zoom meetings. Zoom link will be sent out to registrants via email.
Facilitator: Jim Conway, lawyer

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