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Sketch Club

CALLing all visual artists and people who enjoy painting!  

Develop a sketch book as a creative response to events of the day/week, to travel, to learn and other explorations. We are a group of people who enjoy the world of sketches and journals. Some of us are beginners. Some of us have used our skills professionally. We all have experiences that have shaped our perceptions and are interested in responding to our world through drawing. Daily and weekly drawing sharpens our focus, brings forward new ideas, skills and awareness. Various techniques and materials are introduced and developed in each session. Past and current trends are explored as they provide inspiration and depth to our own development. We take turns sharing our skills, developing partnerships and see each other as resources for further learning and collaboration.

A sketchbook and portable materials such as watercolour, felt tips, pencil, pen, pastels, conte etc. are brought to each workshop. Each session is an exploration in developing a visual creative response to our world. We develop technical skills, try new materials, new concepts and share our research on drawing and sketching. We learn and share digital platforms for following new ideas, links and learning sites. We take turns volunteering to share our knowledge and skills.

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When: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month unless otherwise noted
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Dates: Jun 4/18, Jul 2/16, Aug 6/20, Sept 3/17, Oct 1/15, Nov 5/19, Dec 3/17
Where: cSpace, 1721 - 29 Ave SW, 4th Floor Treehouse, SW corner
Max: 10 
Facilitators: Brenda Pfieger, Barbara Amos, Diana Bloom

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Barbara Amos - Barbara has over 25 years experience as a visual artist whose works comment on a changing world. She has completed five public art commissions, taught at various colleges and has been awarded scholarships and international residencies. www.BarbaraAmos.com


Maria Seiler-Huizing - Maria's inspiration comes from the beauty of the surrounding foothills, mountains and her many travels. She works in acrylic and watercolour, on canvas and in sketch books to record her favourite subjects: landscape and figurative. Along with her teaching background, she is a member and exhibits with Centennial Gallery and Calgary Community Painters.

All images on this page are courtesy of the artist facilitators

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