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SE Radiation Exposure Due to Radon Gas

(Radon and Alpha Particle radiation exposure in the 21st century. From fundamental biology to population health)

June 7, 2022

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can be drawn into our homes to unnaturally high, cancer-causing levels. Many of us have participated in the Evict Radon program. The Evict Radon national study is a conjoint ethics board approved research study that is seeking to understand and engineer out radon from our homes.”

Dr. Pearson will speak about what radon is, how it affects us and how it leads to cancer. He will be showing some recent studies to help underscore the problem of radon within our residences, and how we as a society have to invest in fixing this problem together. For more information, please visit

Speaker: Dr. Dustin Pearson is one of the senior scientists in the Goodarzi laboratory and is the research operations manager for the Evict Radon project. His work focuses on the biology of alpha particle exposure (the type of radiation that comes from radon), as well as the study of the real-time indoor air dynamics of radon within the residential built environment. Dustin’s work is currently supported by the Canadian Cancer Society. In the Evict Radon project, Dr. Pearson serves as the primary manager for all radon databases, masterminding the security, annotation and analysis of our complex datasets relating to radon exposures, participant demographics, building metrics and more.

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