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Bill C-69: Promises Made Vs Promises Kept

Speaker: Joanna Skrajny, Conservation Specialist, Alberta Wilderness Association

Opinions about Bill C-69, Ottawa’s wide-ranging law amending the federal environmental protection regime, are many and varied. Joanna Skrajny, Conservation Specialist with the Alberta Wilderness Association, will walk through the history behind Bill C-69 and will discuss the implications of this new review process on our environment.

Joanna Skrajny is a lifelong Albertan who graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Environmental Sciences in 2015. She has spent the last 4 years with the Alberta Wilderness Association focusing on issues affecting Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, particularly native fish and water security, and participated throughout the review process of Canada’s environmental laws. Her wish is for Alberta to have sound system of decision making and a comprehensive system of protected areas, so that there are wild places to explore and enjoy for generations to come.

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