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Lawn Bowling

Join a group of active men and women who enjoy lawn bowling in a perfect outdoor setting.

WHO: We use a drop-in format for players. Different teams are formed each Wednesday at 9:30 am from those who are in attendance. This allows flexibility if people are away sometimes during the summer.

WHAT: No previous experience is needed. Three free coaching sessions are offered on Wednesday mornings to all new players.

WHERE: Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club (SPLBC) located in Stanley Park. Enter at 350- 42nd Ave SW. You can find a map and information about SPLB Calgary club at the following link.


WHEN: You are invited to a coffee party and sign up on Wednesday, May 22 at 10 am at SPLB. You may have the opportunity to throw a few bowls.

The lawn bowling season begins May 29 and we bowl every Wednesday at 9:30 am. You can drop in for 3 free lessons on any Wednesday morning. Please arrive on time in order to have your name in the draw for drop in games.

WHY: the benefits of fun casual outdoor games

HOW: SPLB club provides all equipment needed except the shoes. Wear comfortable shoes with flat soles in order to protect the green.

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