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Digital Photography FALL 2019 Session
sTARTING Mid september

This fall we are planning a series of sessions that should appeal to both beginner, intermediate and maybe even seasoned photographers. It will be a combination of practical camera exercises and photo editing tips. We will give you a number of challenges with objects and situations to practice on. The idea is to take pictures, work on them at home with your editing software and then post the results on our dedicated photography website boomerartist.ca. The idea is to learn from each others images, as we discuss them on-line as well as at the next meeting where we often demonstrate how images are created and edited. The CALL Digital Photography group sessions are very informal and questions can be asked at any time. Often there are more experienced members that are happy to help with ideas and suggestions.  Fall meeting dates are shown below. Upcoming formal session details will be posted closer to the first session which is anticipated mid-September.

 When: second & fourth Tuesday of each month
 Time: 1-3 PM
 Dates: Sept 24; Oct 8, 22; Nov 12 & 26; Dec 10
 Where: Rosedale Community Centre, Beugin Hall
 Facilitators: Henri Walhout, Jim Springer

This summer we will announce a number of unscheduled Digital Photography activities. These activities are available to registered CALL members, and will be announced through our group email service. If you wish to participate please register for the CALL Digital Photography group. This page will only highlight a summary of these activities.  The full coverage will be documented on our separate website https://boomeraritst.ca . Don't forget to look at the Digital Photography Group Forum at the bottom of this page for the latest updates.

Digital Photography Summer 2019

On June 7 and June 21 we will hold Studio Photography sessions at cSpace. We have the room reserved from 9:30 am till 3:00 pm. This large room has large windows providing lots of natural light.  We will have a large drop cloth as a backdrop and professional strobe and flash equipment. Initially we will work with natural light and then fill in light with floodlights. Later we will experiment with flash and strobe equipment. If you have a camera with a "hot shoe" you can participate in the strobe and flash experiments. I will provide a life size bronze bust, other participants are encouraged to bring their own props. For the second session on June 21 we will try to arrange for some live models, although this is not guaranteed. Setup will begin at 9:30 on both days, so if you want to hit the floor running, drop by a little later and avoid the setup delays. We hope to have equipment ready by 10:30 am

To register for June 21, 2019 click June 21 

We had a successful "Studio Photography" equipment test session on June 7. The hauling and setup of equipment took a bit longer than expected, so for the June 21 session we will start the setup a bit earlier to have it ready by 10:00 am. Bri, our live model for the June 21 session, attended part of the setup session on June 7. We are looking forward to get some really good pictures with her posing. Judging from the images we got of the bronze bust we should get some great results.


Bowness the other stampede parade July 6, 2019

Photo Credit - Terry - CALL Digital Photography group

On Saturday July 6 the CALL Digital Photography group will gather at Terry's for a very early ( 6:45 a.m.) coffee get-together before heading out at 7:30 to view the stampede preparations on Bow Crescent. This will be a great photography opportunity without the spectator crowd obstructing your view. There are opportunities to get up close and personal with the parade participants. For a full description with meeting place location and parking advice click on the "Bowness Stampede" event on the CALL calendar under July 6, 2019. Note: The event is only available and visible to 2019 registered CALL Digital Photography participants, so login before looking at the CALL Calendar.  Click Here for the link

The digital photography interest group will be facilitated by two experienced shutterbugs:

Henri Walhout is an experienced photographer who just likes to photograph all kinds of subjects. He has kept pace with current equipment and software.

Jim Springer has been an amateur photographer for 40 years. He is well versed in all types of photography, but prefers portrait, landscape and wildlife photography.

Register for this group by emailing the Facilitator  (Click on the blue Facilitator link)

* Guests are welcome but are expected to join CALL after evaluating the first two sessions. 

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