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1947 - 1975

Calgary Tower CC by Unsplash

Since fall 2023, "Calgary's History" sessions have demonstrated that Calgary's past is all around us but it is a past that many of us do not see. In our first session, we examined Calgary's early history, 1875-1914. In winter 2024, we focused on the first half of the past century, 1914-1947.

This coming fall we will extend the discussion to 1947 to 1975, a period during which the city experienced explosive growth - from 100,000 to almost half a million! As in the previous sessions, the format will largely consist of mini-presentations (10 to 15-minute reports each followed by 15 minutes discussion), as well as some special guest presenters. There are many important potential topics: changes in municipal and provincial government structures; urban planning; cultural developments; growing sophistication of local media; education; the increase in the city’s Indigenous population (due to higher birth rates, longer life spans, and more people identifying); and the expanding diversity of the city’s population.

When:Tuesdays twice a month
Time:1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Dates:Oct 1, 15; Nov 5, 19; Dec 3, 17, 2024
Where:cSPACE Room #310 King Edward
Co-Facilitator(s): Don Smith and Tom Kerwin

Tom Kerwin is a long-time CALL member and has facilitated many CALL groups; Don Smith, Professor Emeritus, U. of Calgary, is a retired Canadian history professor and a CALL co-founder.


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