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CALL to the Cinema


We are a group of film lovers who meet every second Tuesday to intensely discuss the best films currently showing in Calgary theatres.

Films are chosen democratically. This process often allows us to discover the best in contemporary cinema before the films are widely known.

Discussion centers on both the literary aspects of film such as character, story, symbolism and theme as well as the cinematic elements of music, costume, lighting and camera work. The goal of the group discussion is to bring out subtleties individual members might have missed.

The group is facilitated by Carla and Melvin Pasternak. Both have Ph.D.'s in English and extensive teaching experience. A hobby of theirs is to study the work of directors such as Capra, Scorsese, Truffaut and Linklater and performers such as James Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Meryl Streep and Judy Garland.

The group meets alternate Tuesdays to allow members adequate time to see the films. 

We seek individuals who plan to come to many if not most of the meetings.

 Time:1:00 -2:45 PM 
 Dates:Dec 10, 2019
 Jan 14, 28; Feb 11, 25; Mar 10, 24; Apr 7, 21, 2020
 Facilitators:Carla and Melvin Pasternak Ph.D.'s

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