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Workshops are sold out but concert tickets are still available.

Calgary Ukulele Festival Registration

Registration for Calgary Uke Fest includes:

  • One ticket for the Friday evening concert: September 13 at River Park Church
  • 2 Days of Workshops (a total of 5) :  September 14 & 15 at cSPACE King Edward
  • A variety of Saturday evening Jams
  • Sunday afternoon All Sing/All Play
  • Access to the Community Theatre throughout the Workshop days
  •  2 lunches (includes sandwich, drink and cookie)
  • 1 pizza dinner (includes personal pizza and drink)
  • All day snacks
  • Access to Hallway vendors Saturday and Sunday
  • Cost for CALL Members: $225
  • to join CALL go to Membership
  • Cost for General Public:  $250

What You Need to Know to Register:

  • Review "Playing Levels" listed below, read these levels carefully and identify which describes you the best.
    • You will be assigned to a Stream: A, B, C, D, or E, and throughout the weekend you will be a group that travels to each workshop together.
    • Each instructor will teach the same set of songs, adjusting content according to  the ability level of each stream ‘s participants
    • At the end of the weekend you will experience magical moments as you join EVERYONE in an ALL SING/ALL PLAY in the Studio Theatres.
  • Decide on Lunch choices - see below
  • Decide on Saturday Pizza Dinner - see below

Bursaries now available!

Sometimes life pitches us a curveball - we get it.....    This year we are happy to be able to offer a couple of bursaries for those of us who need a hand up and we want to be able to share the "Vitamin Music" that the ukulele gives us and the community at large.   The bursary would include the full weekend of workshops, a concert ticket, two lunches and a pizza dinner!

For more information or if you are interested in applying for a bursary, please contact us at ukefest@calgarylifelonglearners.ca and we will send out an application form. It is also available here as a pdf Bursary Application Form

Calgary Ukulele Festival - PLAYING LEVELS

All Participants will self-identify their playing ability and will be placed in five groups. You will do one workshop with each of the main instructors, and will travel from instructor to the next instructor with your ability group. Two weeks before the festival, we will send you a description of the workshops you will be attending, with links to some of the songs you'll work on.

Beginner I (New Beginner)

At this level you have been introduced to playing the ukulele.You may have learned a few  chords but you stop in between chord changes to move your fingers to the next location,This level is perfect for the complete novice, and /or someone just starting to play who knows three basic chords of C, F, and G7.

Learn: To play basic chords and basic strum patterns. Sing simple songs on the Ukulele. Enjoy playing and singing with a group.

Beginner II (Advanced Beginner and Beyond)

You have been playing for a while on your own, with youtube or with a singalong group. You can strum a simple tune with simple and stable rhythm. You know basic chords (C,F,G7,Am,E7, but might not like Bb yet). You can move from one chord to another without big pauses, and might know simple tablature (the easy number system to read a melody line).

Learn: To play more chords, simple picking patterns, and variety of strum feels, as well as some fret board recognition, simple chord progressions, simple chord melody.

Intermediate I

You know more than 5 basic chords (minor and major) and can make a Bb shape. You might be able to read tablature and play simple melodies by ear or by note-reading. You understand chord patterns (such as I, IV, V). You can learn chords and tunes fairly quickly, and your playing has a relaxed, steady rhythm with more complex strums.

Learn: Moveable chord shapes and barre chords that can be moved around the fret board. Major & Minor chords. You will be learning a variety of strum styles.

Intermediate 2 (and Beyond)

You have started to experiment with chords in positions up the fretboard. You understand chord relationships and Nashville numbering. You might play another instrument. You are getting more comfortable leading a song in a jam session.

Learn: Right hand technique will include finger style picking patterns, melody playing, riffs and licks. Left hand will pick up a variety of strum feels such as Reggae, Swing, and Blues Shuffle. 

Intermediate 3 (and Beyond)

You play complex chords in other positions and styles. You are willing to try chord melody and song breaks. You are comfortable leading a song in a jam session. You enjoy making your intros and finishes sharp and interesting. You enjoy a challenge and are looking to make the most beautiful sound you can for each song. You look for new songs and work on matching chords with patterns.

Learn: To use moveable chord shapes and scales, advanced chord melodies, ensemble playing, more complex melodies, solo-ing techniques and theory, fingerstyle patterns, and strum feels. You’ll learn to make a song your own style. You’ll learn the importance of ‘listening’ with attention to other players in your group. You’ll learn to hear chord patterns in a song by ear, you will learn new chords, strums, Hawaiian influences, jazz and swing.

Food Choices

Gluten free options available

Bagged Lunch - Saturday and Sunday

Sandwhich Choice:
Roast beef
Ham and cheese

Includes a soft drink and cookie.

Pizza Dinner - Saturday evening
Pizza Choice:
Meat lovers
Includes a soft drink.

*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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