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A Look At Islam

In 2021, dates and times will be posted on the website when - A Look At Islam - will be offering sessions.

The general goal for our six meetings will be to sketch  the general terrain of the Islamic worldview. 

Our sessions will provide answers to questions regarding the origin of the faith, what Muslims believe in, how Muslims practice their faith and what are Islamic sources for guidance. We will also have a session on being a Muslim in Canada. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion in addition to a list of optional references. 

Presenter's Bio:

Joud Shafiq has a Ph D in the area of molecular genetics, a higher diploma in Islamic studies and a masters in comparative religions. She taught in both areas of religion and science and is currently an instructor at U of C Continuing Education. 



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Brenda Falle

Brenda is a Religious Studies enthusiast and long term CALL member


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