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Topic: Travels in Egypt

Presenter: Roger Pilkington

This presentation will cover the 10-day trip that Roger made to Egypt in 2000. The trip was organized by “Pilgrim Tours” so had religious significance: It looked at the connection between Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament and the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, plus other historical sites. Roger will present things from purely a historical point of view. As the Egyptians did not develop a “start year’ and there are no dates in the old testament, it is very difficult to connect Ancient Egypt with the bible. However, it made for a very interesting trip.

Roger was born in England and moved to Canada in 1962 to do graduate work at U of C. He studied the northern lights for many years, then worked for the oil industry and as a consultant studying arctic sea ice. He has traveled quite a bit for pleasure and business, and as part of a dental team helping the people in Central and South America and India.

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