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Lord Howe Island - Australia

Lord Howe Island - Australia

All photos courtesy of John Bargman
L:The Lagoon looking toward Mt. Lidgbird and Mt. Gower
R:White Tern
Lord Howe Island, a UNESCO world heritage site of global natural significance, sits 600kms off the east coast of Australia and is part of the state of New South Wales. David Attenborough wrote “Lord Howe island is so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable”. The hilly island and its surrounding islands and islets are part of an underwater mountain that rise 2000m from the seabed. The island has about 400 year round residents and limits the number of tourists that can be on the island at any one time. As well as having several endemic plants, insects and birds it is surrounded by the most southerly coral reef in the Pacific ocean. It has been said that if you sat down with a pen and paper to consciously design the perfect island, you could hardly improve on Lord Howe.

Presenter: John Bargman
John has had the good fortune to visit Lord Howe twice.  He is a well seasoned traveller having been born in Uganda and lived on three continents, 9 countries and travelled in over 20 countries in his life.  He is a curious traveller with a strong interest in natural history (especially birds) as well as being a keen photographer.

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