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PocketBook "Health" 101

"But he/she handled all of our financial affairs!"

Help! My partner/spouse handled all of our financial affairs and now they are incapacitated, in care or deceased.

    • Where do I go for assistance?
    • What are the services available?
    • How do I access them?
    • Do I have to give up complete control?
    • Are they trustworthy?
    • What will it cost?
Come to explore options for money management in the later years.

Speaker: Jill Chambers has always been a nurturer and a service provider. She has extensive experience in healthcare working with seniors and vulnerable individuals as well as years of experience as a financial planning professional. Jill's undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Nursing. She holds several professional designations including certified financial planning professional “CFP”, chartered financial divorce specialist “CFDS”, chartered investment manager “CIM”. Jill is passionate about informed consent, financial literacy, efficiency, and organization. She is a newer Calgarian having moved here in 2012 from Winnipeg where the majority of her family still reside including her mom (age 85) and her dad (86).

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