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Outdoor kite flying has begun now that we have held our first (but not last) Kite Ground School. Flying outdoors is weather/wind dependent. On a daily basis I check several wind forecast websites to determine the best flying day in the next week. If there is a good day, I sent out an email to the group informing them of where and when I will be flying, inviting them to join me – no experience necessary. I have loaner kites they can try. Drop-ins and spectators, especially photographers are welcome.

As the facilitator, I am offering to conduct Kite Ground School (three, 2-hour lessons) when I have received a request from a minimum of three people. I will also be offering Kite Flying School on an individual basis - again upon request. I, and others are working on kite flying skill levels with the intent of providing a path for flyers to enhance their flying experience.

As we gain experience and skills these are some of the other kiting ideas, we may explore depending on the interest of the group members:

  • Kiting events (i.e. helping kids build and fly kites, fly kites at community Kite Days/Festivals, …)
  • Designing kites, building kites
  • Demonstration and team flying
  • Fighter kites
  • Miniature kites
  • Line laundry (yes, there is such a thing)
  • Although not kites as such, but when there is no wind
      • No wind kites (indoor kites)
      • Bubbles
      • Walk-a-long gliders

Have I peeked your curiosity?

Open to all

Contact Facilitator: Wayne Marshall

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