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Want to Fly a Kite Indoors?                                               

With the change in season, the Kite Interest group is now moving indoors.

Outdoor kite flying has its risks – it is outdoors.

When kite flying outdoors the flyer and kite essential don’t move, the air/wind moves. Indoor kite flying is the opposite – the air does not move but the flyer and kite do (no running).

Indoor kites are designed specifically to fly indoors – they are light; small, but can be larger; are single, dual or quad line with lines much shorter than outdoor kites.

Indoor kites can be flown in very small spaces but are typically flown in larger, higher ceiling spaces like gymnasiums.

Since weather is not an issue for indoor kite flying, I am planning on scheduling a one and one-half hour flying time once a week. If you would like to know/see what indoor kiting is about, please contact me.

If there is interest, I am also considering organizing a kite building session once a month. If this interests you, please contact me.

Facilitator: Wayne Marshall

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