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January 16 **FULL**

James Buchholz

ZOOM CLASS: Strumming styles

Strumming patterns and techniques. We will focus on : where to strum and with what, accents and rhythms, muffling and muting, also pick strum, tapping/slapping and if time allows some Flamenco style strumming.

James Buchholz started his musical journey in grade school learning keyboards and guitar at home and trumpet at school.

He started playing in garage bands in high school and moved on to playing professionally in his late teens in various original and cover bands.

James fell in love with the ukulele on his first visit to Hawaii. He's been teaching and gigging on it ever since.

Website: http://albmusicstudio.com/

March 20

Barry Luft

ZOOM CLASS:  Ukulele Players as Emerging Musicians

This workshop is for song accompanists. It will cover a host of subjects and musical concepts pointing the way for the uke player to develop a high standard of musicianship. What will not be covered are advanced chords, strums, or lead playing.

Key topics: Losing dependence on “the page” (ear training); Learning and working with the Nashville Numbering System – I, IV, V; Recognizing chord patterns in songs; Finding & singing in YOUR key.

Other points: Knowing your musical work; The “basic rhythm” in acoustic music; Practice tips; Instrument set up; Using a capo and metronome; Playing in all 12 keys; What and how to memorize; Improvising with fills; And, other things too fierce to mention in print!

Pre-requisite: An introductory course and ability to play in the Key of C.

Advanced players welcome if attracted to some of the Key topics.

Barry Luft's singing has woven rich, colourful threads into the fabric of folk-style music in Alberta for more than fifty years. He presents Canadian, British and American songs and ballads with instrumental accompaniment or a cappella arrangements. 

A variety of instruments perks up Barry's performancesand the ukulele is one of them as he uses basic strumming and finger picking for some songs and the unique banjo style of clawhammer (on the uke) for others.

Barry has five recordings to date and is involved with music as an educator, song leader and instrument instructor.  He presently teaches ukulele classes with various organizations in the Calgary area.  However Barry claims he's not able to read music well enough to hurt his playing. 

Website: www.barryluft.com

May 15


Gary Glewinski and Kyle Swenson

ZOOM CLASS:  Ensemble playing leading to larger group playing.

Kyle Swenson

As a music educator in Sturgeon Public School Division, Kyle has taught band, choir, jazz band, vocal jazz, guitar, Drumline, and a few years of elementary music. During his years of elementary music, Kyle quickly developed a love for using the ukulele as a main teaching tool for rhythm, harmony, and melody concepts for the young musician.

Kyle began his teaching career in Australia where he was able to see different music education practices that placed emphasis on the independent study of musicianship at all grade levels with student shaving access to private weekly music tutors.

Having worked as a private music educator overseas and then as a classroom music teacher in Canada, Kyle uses a variety of teaching experiences to support all his students.

Gary Glewinski

A freelance musician and educator in the Edmonton area, Gary taught music in schools for eight years in Glasgow (Scotland) after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Jazz Music Performance from Edinburgh’s Napier University.

He moved to Canada in 2010 and set up his own music tuition practice, teaching guitar, bass, mandolin, and ukulele. Gary has presented ukulele workshops for St Albert and Edmonton Public School Divisions, North Central Teachers Convention Association (NCTCA), St Albert Cultivates the Arts Society, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and Music Conference Alberta.

He has performed music in a number of countries including the UK, Ireland, Denmark, France, India, Tunisia and, of course, Canada.  

Website: garygmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stalbertmusicinstruction

February 20

Don Gowan

ZOOM CLASS:  Much About Songs - YOUR WAY

Workshop Objectives:

1. look at more creative song arrangements by messing with structure;

2. examine and build on existing music thoughts and habits;

3. we’ll work with very familiar 1 chord, 2 chord, and 3 chord songs in familiar keys;

4. venture beyond 4th fret and 7th chords with minimal easy theory, honest;

5. having fun at all times which is very much part of the uke culture.

All ukesters invited; beginners, post beginners, intermediates, advanced

Don Gowan, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist: If Don is not playing, you'll most likely find him teaching guitar, mandolin or ukulele, cause that's just what you do when you simply love what you do!

He has toured much of Canada playing festivals and clubs in the former duo, CaHoots.

He's appeared with other performers such as Connie Kaldor, Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Spirit Of The West, Amos Garrett, Bill Bourne, Kate Wolf, and others.

He has made numerous radio and TV appearances on CBC and CKUA.

He has lengthy teaching experience with CBE, Irene Besse Academy, FAMI, HeHo, and private lessons on swing, jazz, blues, and folk on the acoustic and electric guitar and mandolin. He is now teaching group guitar and ukulele lessons at Westgate Elementary school, The Lantern Community Arts and Music School, and Foothills Academy and at Mount Royal Conservatory.

He's currently performing and recording with Poor Boy, and numerous other local musicians.

Website: https://poorboymusic.ca/

April 17

Mustafa Kamaliddin

ZOOM CLASS: Finger picking.

The Fingerstyle Workshop will discuss the meaning of Fingerstyle when it comes to multi-voice music, i.e. melody, bass, and accompaniment.

We'll discuss posture, Free Stroke technique for right hand, and proper left hand posture.

We will discuss the standard procedure for learning fingerstyle arrangements, how to recognize chords, and a few tips on technique to improve the musical results of our playing.

We'll do all that within the context of a fingerstyle arrangement of  a commonly known song.

Hello, My name is Mustafa and I specialize in classical guitar performance and Fingerstyle for acoustic guitar and Ukulele.

I have a bachelor’s degree in music performance, currently a candidate for a master’s degree in music performance, and over a decade of experience teaching privately, festivals, competitions, and group class environments.

My teaching philosophy revolves around: accessibility to all, that is, with proper guidance and practice, we can play music, and the guitar, regardless of our backgrounds. Proper guidance, i.e., guidance based on years of experience, thoughtful pedagogical approaches, and the ability to address each individual student’s obstacles.

And last, music is a vehicle for change, i.e., music in all its shapes and forms can improve our mental and physical health.

Website: www.mustafakamaliddin.com

June 19


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