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CONCERT -  December 11th

2021 9:30 – 11:00, socialize before in the Hallways and stay for a GREAT AFTERPARTY!!

Come join us for a Concert featuring all of our Instructors from September, October, and November PLUS Mustafa Kamaliddin! 

September 11-- Erin Ross, Calgary

Erin Ross

Photo by Angie Anderson Photography

Hailing from Calgary, Erin Ross is an accomplished musician who transcends any one genre. Her soulful original compositions blend masterful guitar work, sultry vocals and showcase her skill as a multi instrumentalist. Rooted in blues, rock, country and jazz, Erin offers something for every crowd. In addition to being a performing musician, she has worked as an instructor for over 20 years and has helped many students along their musical journey.


Erin will be exploring the idea of adding licks to songs and songs that make use of single note licks as well as chords. These tunes will give players an opportunity to add a new dimension to their playing learn the iconic parts of some songs and move into ideas of playing a "lead" style of ukulele.

October 9 -- Tina Hebner, Kamloops

Tina Hebner

Tina Hebner’s Workshop


In part one of this workshop, Tina will show you how to play a simple version of a classical guitar song on your ukulele, entitled “Romance.” This is designed for people new to playing fingerstyle on their ukulele. In this session Tina will share some fingerpicking fundamentals that you will be able to use in other songs and will offer different levels of the song so that you can choose your playing comfort level.

La Vie En Rose

In part two of this workshop, Tina will show you how to play a simple version of her arrangement of the song “La Vie En Rose.” This portion of the workshop is designed for people with some experience reading tab and fingerpicking. There will be the opportunity to use some of the techniques that we learned with “Romance” with this song. Tina will also provide different levels of this song so that you can find your comfort level with playing it.

A classical guitarist for most of her life, Tina found her passion for music extended to the ukulele...and the rest is history.

She has studied with a variety of classical guitarists within BC (Canada), including Capilano University and the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Tina Hebner is a life-long music lover, who for over 25 years has been helping others enjoy their own musical journey. Using a light-hearted and gentle teaching style, Tina helps people to learn at their comfort level with confidence. Music can bring people together, can bring relief from a stressful time…she shares her feelings about this with her students: It’s more important for her to play with passion that it is to play with perfection.

With an extensive background in classical guitar, Tina shares her unique perspectives with her students in her workshops. Classical music, blues, Spanish, metal…. She enjoys playing it all on her ukulele and guitar.

Tina offers private and group lessons as well as workshops. Her lessons are available in person and online.

You can find Tina in Kamloops where she lives with her husband, two children and two music-loving cats.


November 13 -- Avery Hill, Portland, Oregon

Avery Hill

Avery Hill has been teaching her entire adult life, and teaching music since 2013. She grew up going to music festivals with her father and being dutifully shlepped to music lessons by her mother. After hearing one too many stories about traumatizing piano teachers and choir directors, Avery realized how lucky she was to have had such quality musical instruction, both formal and informal. As a result, Avery believes in demystifying the habits and skills of musicians, and sharing the joy of making music with others. In the classroom, she considers herself part expert, part guide, and part cheerleader.

12-Bar Blues: From the Basics to Beyond! The wonderful thing about the 12-Bar Blues is how easy it is to get started, and how quickly you can customize it and advance your technique. Join Avery Hill for what has become her specialty, learning the basics of this pattern, and some fun tricks to add some extra fun. We'll focus primarily on the Key of C as we layer on, but materials will be provided for further study in other keys.


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