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Topic: Sailing: A Different Way to Travel the World

Presenters: Dave and Jan Hutchison

Travelling the world on a small sailing boat leads to a very different experience from most types of travelling. There are hardships and many things that we miss, but for us the benefits far outweighed these. Initially, there is an immense challenge in learning how to maintain the many systems which you come to rely on, how to share a tiny space for long periods, & how to equip and provision your boat. However, you choose your destinations as you go and, instead of starting with the officialdom of the airport, immigration & hotel, you have your own living space, and you often enter a new country at the most delightful, basic location.

In 2000 we sailed south from Victoria with very little experience, some friends from Calgary who flew back from California, and a plan to "try it for 2 years". We flew back to Canada every Christmas, but in 2016 we sailed to Victoria with a different boat & a wealth of ideas.

We hope to show the benefits of this life, without skipping over the reasons why it is not for everybody.

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