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Treks and Travels A Tour of Southern Africa: Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa

In January 2014, my daughter and I went to three countries in Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Our goal was to photograph everything and enjoy as much of the scenery and local culture as we could in 10 days. But we did not go on a prepackaged tour. Oh, no, not us! We decided what we wanted to do and see and then offered these ideas to 5 different travel agencies to put together a package for us. We reviewed everything and then chose the package from a travel agency in Vancouver. We had the time of our lives: saw the big five, rode elephants and walked with lions! Had the best guides, flew in eleven planes - once even over a herd of giraffe! This was not a trip for the faint of heart but we would go back in a heart beat. I will take you on a photographic journey as we saw this part of Africa, describe where we stayed and what we learned for our next trip. 

Presenter: Karen McDaniel

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