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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Exploring Libya's Ancient Past

Libya has been much in the news over the past six years, sharing with Syria the failure of the Arab Spring and quickly descending into civil wars that still continue after a brief period of positive change and hope. In Libya’s case, the country is divided by political and tribal feuding, and the western-recognized government in Tripoli is unable to unite the country.

For this lecture we’ll transport ourselves back to a happier time, not just before 2011, but two and a half millennia before then. We’ll visit the three cities of ancient Tripolitania—Sabratha, Oea (Tripoli), and Leptis Magna—Cyrenaica in the east, and some remote sites in the Sahara. We’ll see gloriously preserved Roman theatres and markets, humble desert outposts of the Garamantes, and mud-brick villages that were occupied from antiquity till the 20th century.

Presenter: John Humphrey

All photos courtesy of John Humphrey

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