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 Special Programming Calendar

This calendar is for special events that are one or two day occurrences and can include bus trips, conferences, music festivals.

Study programs are set up to focus on a particular topic of interest to members. The group experience is offered over a set number of sessions.
It is facilitated by a study group leader who has expertise in the area. This can include Not So Common Law, A Look at Islam.

Attendees should look at the membership requirements when registering, as some sessions are "Member Only". 

Upcoming events

    • 06 Sep 2021
    • (MDT)
    • 20 Dec 2021
    • (MST)
    • 8 sessions
    • online

    Indigenous Awareness

    We are a growing group of CALL members interested in expanding our awareness of Indigenous history, culture and issues. We let each other know about various exhibits, performances and events that take place in and around Calgary.

    Time to Talk sessions are on the Mondays listed.

    This program will not be returning to ‘in person’ meetings. They plan to continue Zooming for the winter 2022 season as well.

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    • 16 Sep 2021
    • (MDT)
    • 25 Nov 2021
    • (MST)
    • 11 sessions
    • Online

    Pan Canadian Book Study Group

    This is a collaborative pilot project between 4 adult learning organizations across Canada:

    -Calgary Lifelong Learners

    -McGill Community for Lifelong Learners, Montreal

    -Society for Learning in Retirement, London, Ont.

    -Comox Valley Elder College

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Past events

27 May 2021 Climate Change and Calgary's Future
15 May 2021 FN What is the Public Sphere? Protecting a Necessary Condition for Democracy
15 May 2021 FN Democracy and Truth Decay: Can They Co-Exist?
15 May 2021 FN Truth & Fiction in this Pandemic
15 May 2021 FN Continuing the Dialogue: A CALL Fake News Interest Group?
15 May 2021 FN Misinformation, Disinformation, and Fact-checking
15 May 2021 FN Spotting Fake News
15 May 2021 FN How Do You Know if What You See in the Media is True?
15 May 2021 FN The News & The Community
07 May 2021 Fake News and Future of Democracy Conference
30 Apr 2021 Bayeux Tapestry
16 Apr 2021 Let Us Now Praise Ordinary People
06 Apr 2021 Science & Environment - Alberta's Energy Transition
05 Mar 2021 The Perils of Dogmatic Certainty in Uncertain Times - a talk by Judy Johnson
25 Feb 2021 MAID in Alberta
20 Feb 2021 UkuFest 2021
17 Feb 2021 SHIFT - Your Alberta Pension
11 Feb 2021 A Look at Islam - Series Two
25 Jan 2021 Not So Common Law -Insanity Defence
07 Jan 2021 A Look at Islam
19 Jul 2020 Bus Trips--Passion Play
13 Jun 2020 Cancelled--Bus Trips Rosebud Theatre
28 May 2020 Classical Music
15 May 2020 Cancelled--Bus Trips Bear Valley Horse Rescue
09 May 2020 Fake News and Future of Democracy Conference
22 Apr 2020 Lunch and Learn Lougheed House
21 Apr 2020 Cancelled--Bus Trips MedAlta Potteries
13 Feb 2020 Square Dancing
29 Jan 2020 New Members
10 Jul 2019 Tsuutina Nation Day Trip3
30 Mar 2019 Community Conference Climate Change
08 Nov 2018 Tsuut'ina Nation Day Trip 2
29 Aug 2018 Tsuut'ina Nation Day Trip
05 May 2018 Challenges of Peace and War
24 Apr 2018 Health and Wellness
04 Nov 2017 Canada 150

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