Creating an Artist Sketchbook

CALLing all visual artists and people who enjoy painting!  

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All images on this page are courtesy of the artist facilitators

Come and join our new Sketchbook Group and discover how practicing artists use their sketchbooks to inspire and expand their ideas and develop their art.  Explore how you might use an artist sketchbook too.

Sketchbooks are a vital part of the repertoire of visual artists in establishing a discipline in recording either from observation, imagination or memory. Sketchbooks are easy to carry, don’t require a large supply of drawing tools and are very flexible.   This makes them ideal for vacations and spur of the moment opportunities.  

We are going to hold the inaugural meeting of people interested in joining this art group on Tuesday, October 24th.  The group will initially be focused on developing a sketchbook.  Four meetings are planned for the Fall; some will be at c-Space and some field trips are planned.  Sketching will be part of every session, so you will need to bring sketching materials with you each time.  At the December meeting, members will then be asked for input to help determine the future direction and functioning of the group.  

Time:10:00 - 12:00 PM
Dates:Oct. 24, Nov. 7, 21, Dec. 5
Where:cSpace, 1721 - 29 Ave. SW 4th Floor
Facilitators:David Harrison, Dr. Irene Naested, Maria Seiler-Huizing, Barbara Amos
Register:Diana Bloom at

To register for this group, you must be a member of CALL.

The Artists’ Sketchbook Group will be facilitated by four experienced artists and art educators:

Oct. 24 – David Harrison

Nov. 7 – Irene Naested                         

Nov. 21- Maria Seiler Huizing

Dec. 5 – Barbara Amos

irene1.jpgDr. Irene Naested has extensive experience teaching art to all ages and abilities. She has written many books, articles, and teacher resources on art education and has received local and national awards for her art teaching. For many years she has used her journalling as a meditative experience where she writes, draws, paints, pastes, etc. words and images. Irene has developed and taught a course on Meditative Journalling with Image and Word. She presently works and teaches in her newly built studio.

DSC_0001DavidH2.jpgDavid Harrison is a watercolour painter and conceptual artist, and his work is in private collections throughout the world. Harrison’s numerous sketchbooks record imaginary townscapes heavily influenced by his Yorkshire background, by travels to more than 70 countries, and by his love of the Alberta landscape. He was recently elected to the Society of Canadian Artists.


Maria Seiler-Huizing has had a passion for art since childhood. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the surrounding foothills, mountains, and her many travels. She  works in acrylic and watercolour, on canvas and in sketch books, to record her favourite subjects: landscape and figurative.  Along with her teaching background, she is a member and exhibits with Centennial Gallery and Calgary Community Painters.


Barbara Amos is an artist whose work has addressed multicultural issues and environmental concerns. She has advocated for professional development for the visual artists, has volunteered on many boards for non-profits and since 2013 has been on the Board of Directors for the Leighton Art Centre.    She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and has been awarded scholarships and international residencies.  Her paintings are in many collections and she is represented by galleries in Toronto and Calgary.  She has always viewed her painting studio as a place of balance, meditation and sanctuary. 

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Creating an Artist Sketchbook

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