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Resources from Speakers

The following resources have been provided by our speakers.  


June 10, 2019. Guest speaker Roxanne Walsh, an End of Life Guide and Consultant, spoke to us about Green Burials as an alternative to embalming or cremation and conventional burials. She shared her presentation from the Green Burial Society, of which she is a Director.

Green Burials (pdf)

May 13, 2019 guest speaker Stace Wills, with Innovate Calgary, U of C, spoke about the boom in technology research and investment.

An announcement came on May 16th, 2019 that a U of C medical researcher, supported by Innovate Calgary, received a $1 billion investment for his spinoff company, Parvus Therapeutics

Health and Wellness 

Osteoarthritis Presentation (Powerpoint)

Osteoarthritis (pdf)

Latin American Issues Speaker Series

CALL, in partnership with the U of C's Latin American Research Centre (LARC), presents the monthly Latin American Issues Speaker Series.

LARC also offers a variety of cultural, political and social events and presentations, which are free and open to the public.

For more information, visit  Latin American Research Centre, U of C

Science and Environment Speaker Series

Science and Environment STEM and STEAM Resources (pdf) by Paula Hollohan

Climate Change: Where Do We Go Next?, facilitated by Tom Kerwin.

Part One

1. Canadian newsletter that compiles mostly good news on the energy front

2. New Canadian webzine focusing on the environment and energy issues in western Canada: The Narwal 

3. Article on solar installation prospects

4. Climate Change and Food 

Climate Change and Food (pdf)
Local: Verge Permaculture:  vergepermaculture.ca ;
Permaculture Calgary:  permaculturecalgary.org 
International:  Land restoration: Land Institute  www.landinstitute.org
Elaine Ingham  www.soilfoodweb.com

5. Climate Change and Health - Recommended reading:

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Healthy Planet, Healthy People - TED Talk by Dr. Courtney Howard, President of Canadian Physicians for the Environment (16 min) 

Lancet Countdown and Canada policy briefing

Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report

Centre for Climate Change and Health

Climate Action for Healthy People, Healthy Places, Healthy Planet: Energy, Climate Change and Health 

6. Calgary-based ENGOs you might consider joining or supporting:

Extinction Rebellion Alberta FB page
Plastic Free YYC 
Sustainable Calgary
Alberta Renewable Energy Alliance Iron and Earth 

    7. Resources on Transportation

    City of Calgary's Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy

    Interesting article on EVs

      Global News piece about Canada's love affair with big trucks, including a revealing graph of fuel costs/consumption - tripling the cost of gasoline, as in Spain ($2.25 USD x 1.35), is a big factor in halving average fuel consumption.

      8. Resources , Readings on Collective Action:

      Climate Change Why Bother (pdf)
      Climate Justice and Economic Justice Are Not in Conflict (pdf)

        CBC News link: Feeling helpless about climate change? There's lots you can do 

          Re: June 22/19 Extinction Rebellion meeting at the Calgary Central Library: What is Extinction Rebellion? - Wikipedia 

            Student demonstrations - a CBC Kids News video

              What kids have to say about climate change

                From the Western Producer, June 20, 2019, an article on Raymond, Alberta, "the first town in Canada to be electrically net zero”

                9. Climate and Communications 

                Presentation by Amber Bennett, an Alberta-based communications consultant: Canadian Association with Climate Outreach, and Manger, Alberta Narratives Project. She holds an MA in Environmental Education and Communications and has more than 10-years experience in environmental communications with government, non-profits and business.

                Quote from18th-century conservative philosopher Edmund Burke: 

                "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."

                Energy Efficiency Alberta note:

                Energy Efficiency Alberta 

                This government agency has been doing a great job in both increasing awareness and uptake of energy upgrades and in making renewable energy more accessible to Albertans.  It may be on the chopping block.  Some may wish to contact their local MLA and/or the new Minister of Environment and Parks at: aep.minister@gov.ab.ca to recommend that EEA be retained. 

                A few resources: 

                10. The Future of Freight and the Economy of Alberta (pdf)

                Part Two

                1. Amber Bennett, Alberta-based communications consultant and Canadian associate with Climate Outreach, who spoke to us in June, 2019, had an extended interview on CBC Radio on Oct. 1, 2019. You can remind yourself of climate communications protocol by listening to her, starting about the 13:20 mark of the podcast linked here. http://21393.mc.tritondigital.com/CBC_THE_EYEOPENER_FROM_CBC_RADIO_CALGARY_HIGHLIGHTS_P/media-session/88812ef2-52cf-47b9-9198-74f2ae6b8dc2/calgeyeopener-MCAdC52

                Exploring Yoga: The Science of Joy

                Further Reading

                Patanjali Yoga Sutras Translated by Thomas Egenes

                Vasistha’s Yoga  Translated by Swami Venkatesananda

                Who Are You … Really You Tube  


                The Science Behind Yoga  

                 (Some) Teachers


                Eckert Tolle

                The Age of Love Comes to CALL – Seeking Love After 70

                To view the trailer, please visit the film’s website at The Age of Love

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