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Parking Update Rosedale Community Centre Jan 14, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Once again, there’s new information about parking at Rosedale that impacts all groups meeting at the Hall.

  1. New signs appeared this week for two areas close to the Hall:
    1. In the laneway around the Hall, tennis courts and rinks, the new signs say that you can park there only if you have an “F Zone parking permit”.  No time limits are given.
    2. On the north side of 11th Avenue NW, the street signs have been changed from 1 hour to 2 hours.  This could be good for CALL if SAIT students don’t get there first.

This means that most of, but not all of, 11th Avenue NW between 7A and 9th Streets is now 2 hour parking.  We will all need to look at the street signs carefully as in every block and even parts of blocks, the parking restrictions differ.

  1. In a phone conversation with Parking Authorities on Friday, I learned:
    1. The current system of enforcing parking bylaws is still in effect in Rosedale until September 1, 2018 .  This means that bylaw officers will be chalking tires and giving out tickets on windshields until then.
    2. Depending on the day, bylaw officers may chalk any one of four tires – they mix it up.  So if you are checking to see if tires have been chalked, you’ll need to look at all 4 tires of your vehicle.
    3. If you are moving your car, you don’t need to move it that far (I didn’t get a specific distance), but if the bylaw officers can see that it’s been moved at all, it should be fine.
    4. If you have access to an F zone visitor parking permit to put on your rear view mirror or your dashboard while you’re at the Hall, that should prevent you from being ticketed.  The actual distance allowed is 150 metres (a block and a half) from the address on the permit.  However, it appears that the bylaw officers don’t look too closely at the address and allow for some lee-way, so you should be OK to park on the street in 1 hour or by permit only areas near the Hall.  I think that this permit should allow you to park off the laneway too, but it hasn’t been tested.
  • The purpose of these changes is to discourage SAIT students from parking off the laneway and in the 2 hour parking zones on 11th Avenue NW.  The Rosedale Community Association Board believes that ticketing their cars for violations of the 2 hour and 1 hour parking restrictions is the best discouragement strategy, and so they will be phoning Parking Authorities daily or twice daily for the next two weeks to request bylaw officers to come to the area around the Hall and chalk cars and ticket those violating the time limits.
  • What does this mean for CALL groups?
  • There will be bylaw officers in the area at various times during the day, and they’ll be responding to “complaints” that cars are parked illegally.
  • Watch carefully to adhere to the posted time limits.  If you’re attending a group that starts at 10 am or 1 pm, and you arrive at 9:50 am or 12:50 pm, consider ending the group meeting early so you’re back in or near your vehicle within the 2 hour period.
  • If your only option is to park in a 1 hour zone, do move your vehicle within the 1 hour time period.
  • Do not park off the laneway in the snow/grass unless you have an F zone parking permit.
  • If we can be friendly to the bylaw officers and get them on our side by explaining that we’re a seniors group legitimately using the Hall, and the intent is to stop SAIT students from parking on 11th Avenue, that might help.

The hope is that within a two week period SAIT students will tire of getting tickets and that they’ll find somewhere else to park.

If you have any questions or comments, please give me a call 403 282-0672.  We are also interested in continuing to explore other options for making parking at Rosedale easier.

Thanks for your patience with all of this.

Warmest regards,


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