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Pan Canadian Book Study Group

Exciting Fall Learning Opportunity

This is a collaborative pilot project between 4 adult learning organizations across Canada:

-Calgary Lifelong Learners

-McGill Community for Lifelong Learners, Montreal

-Society for Learning in Retirement, London, Ont.

-Comox Valley Elder College

This will be a pan-Canadian Study Group devoted to reading and discussing the book Seen But Not Seen by CALL member Dr. Don Smith. It is a fascinating history of the systemic blindness on the part of Canadians who sought to understand the plight of indigenous peoples in Canada. Perceptions have varied over time and place. Dr. Smith approaches his subject biographically, documenting the thinking of sixteen influential Canadians over 130 years (1840-1970), including John A. Macdonald, George Grant and Emily Carr.


Roy MacGregor, columnist and feature writer for The Globe and Mail wrote the following review of the book:

“Donald B. Smith’s Seen but Not Seen could not possibly be more timely – and more welcome. This is the lifework of one of the country’s greatest historians. Canadians will see themselves in this book; they will not like much of what they see, but they will finish with a sense that reconciliation with First Nations is possible – so long as we first face the truths. These truths are here, in a remarkable work that covers everything from a re-evaluated John A. Macdonald to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is peopled with remarkable characters, many admirable, some despicable – Duncan Campbell Scott, John McDougall, Crowfoot, Long Lance, Kathleen Coburn, Emily Carr, Pauline Johnson, Harold Cardinal – and is wonderfully illustrated with archival photographs and maps.”


Please Note: This will be a peer learning program requiring active participation by all members. Also, it is expected the participants will commit to attending all 11 sessions.
Time:12:30 - 2:30 PM
Dates:Sept 16, 23, 30;
 Oct 7, 14, 21, 28
 Nov 4, 11, 18, 25
Facilitator:Dr. Lorne Huston, McGill Community for Lifelong Learners

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, June 1 at 6 PM

Each learning organization will have 6 members. Given CALL expects more than 6 individuals who may wish to participate the following process will be followed:

All interested people may apply. There will be a draw by the chair of the Program Committee to pick the 6 participants. Those not selected will be placed on a waiting list.


FULL: On June 4 Barbara Decker Pierce, chair of the Program Committee, drew the names off the 6 CALL members who will be participating in this fall program.

A CALL based Interest Group is now being planned. Those individuals who did not get chosen in the draw will have the first opportunity to register for this group. It will then be opened up to the general membership.

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