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LARC--Democracy in Brazil: Why Does It Seem That Corruption Is Getting Worse?

Since the late 1980s, when it transitioned to democracy, Brazil has had its share of highly publicized corruption scandals. Then in 2014, it saw a massive corruption scheme make headlines all over the media: Petrobr√°s, the state-run oil company lost over US$2 billion just in bribes in a money-laundering scheme involving executives and politicians. Most large parties have been linked to the so-called “Petrol√£o” scandal, which has been considered the biggest scheme in Brazil since the late 1980s. Does that actually mean that corruption has increased in the last decades? This presentation will examine past and current events of Brazilian politics to address why corruption seems to be getting worse – and why, ironically, that is actually a reason to be optimistic about democracy in Brazil.

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