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It's Never Too Late (Program is Full)

The third (last) act of any story, whether it's a movie, play or novel, is always the most exciting. It's where the boy finally gets the girl, the girl finds the treasure, the world is saved from extinction by the brave actions of a few etc.

But for many of us, our third act can feel like... a letdown. We might have gone through a major life challenge - retirement, divorce, loss of a spouse, coping with a significant health issue - and after a lifetime of structure, purpose and (cont'd) responsibilities, it can be hard to figure out what to do next.

For thirteen weeks, we'll use Julia Cameron's book, "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again," as an inspiration and guide to create an Act Three for our own lives that is creative, holds purpose, structure, spontaneity and yes... excitement! Participants will need to purchase the book.

**There is a time commitment involved in this programme. Each week - apart from the weekly meeting - there will be up to one hour per day on a daily writing task, as well as another 3-4 hours scattered throughout the week on a variety of projects.

Time:10:30 -12:30 PM
Dates:Sept. 13 - Dec. 6, 2018
Where:cSpace, Room 310
Facilitator:Diana Cranstoun and Sue Scott
 Sue Scott is a retired professor of Adult Education at the U of A and a past president of the Calgary Jung Society.
Diana Cranstoun is a writer and teacher.
No drop-ins.

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