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Exploring Yoga:  The Science of Joy

There is far more to Yoga than just stretching and poses.  For thousands of years, Yoga has taught that joy is our birthright.  We have an inner source of peace and joy but for many of us the connection to it is weak or non-existent. 

Yoga means union or connection, and its purpose it to re-establish your connection to your inner source of uncaused and unconditional peace and joy.  

If you want to reduce the internal struggle and experience more happiness, then join us for this presentation.  Attendees will have the opportunity to see and experience that inner source for themselves and learn how to begin to cultivate a stronger connection to it.  You will also discover how and why these practices simultaneously contribute to your physical health and mental/emotional wellness.

This is about experience, not ideas or concepts, and there are no preconditions or beliefs required.

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