H&W Concussions and Falls

What is the ICRP?

The Integrated Concussion Research Program (ICRP) is a University of Calgary – wide initiative to study concussion, which has brought together experts from the Cumming School  of Medicine, Faculty of Kinesiology, and Faculty of Arts, with support from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) and the Hotchkiss Brain Institure (HBI)

What is the problem the ICRP is adressing?

Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), including concussion, is a common occurnece. In Canada, approximately 250,000 concussions occur per year. Unfortuantely, concussions can be difficult to detect and diagnose and can result in long-term problems. the ICRP was developed to address the growing concern about concussions, better the lives of those who have experienced these injuries, and prevent concussions for upcoming generations.

Seniors older than 65 are 10 times more likely than those younger than 65 to be admitted to hospital for fall-related traumatic brain injuries!   (Injury Prevention Centre 2017)

Learn what actions you can take to reduce falls, injuries and maintain your independence.