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"Carry Me Out Toes First”: Martha's Emotional Journey

Many of us as seniors are active and living independently who have no doubt heard from family members that it is time to move! Responses could easily have been, “I am not moving and you’ll have to take me out feet first”!

Martha is one such lady who was recently widowed and is trying to make sense of her current circumstances. Her story takes us on a two year journey of soul searching and exploration which includes her relationship with her children and the eventual move from the family home. The book “Carry Me Out Toes First” was inspired by true stories and real life experiences. Bob Proctor from the movie “The Secret” has endorsed the book with the comment that this book “takes you on a journey that we rarely see…one widow’s decision to move forward with her life.”

The presentation will be an overview of Martha’s emotional, social and financial considerations of moving forward, using Martha’s experience as a background to our discussion.

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