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Message from CALL Executive re Coronavirus

Message as of March 16, 2020

Fellow CALL members … the CALL Board met today to decide how we should continue to deliver our programs considering the rapidly changing health situation.

We have decided that

•    No Interest Groups should meet face-to-face until further notice.  
•    All bus trips have been postposed – hopefully to late spring or summer dates.  All members and guests who have paid for these trips already will be refunded.
•    The Conference on Fake News has been cancelled with the hope that we can reschedule it in the Fall.  Again, all who have registered will be refunded

Some groups may wish to meet in a virtual way using technology such as Zoom (which is how the Board met today).  If your group wishes to meet in such a way, CALL will provide access to the technology.  To do so, please contact me. 

If you would like your group to meet, but in some other way, or you feel you should be an exception to this decision, please contact me.

We are truly sorry that we must make this decision, but feel it is necessary considering the increasing restriction on group activities that Government Health agencies are suggesting.

For many in CALL, the social contact is very important.  Why don’t we all make an effort to keep in contact with other CALL members to reduce both theirs and our possible social isolation

If all goes well, we may be able to start some activities in the late spring or early summer. 

Facilitators – if you group is no longer meeting, maybe you could develop some exams to test how well the group has done with its learning?  Not a recommendation, just a thought

Ron Foyer
President, CALL

Message as of March 13, 2020

Good morning … as many of you have probably seen, yesterday Alberta Health Services gave this directive:

Organizers have been asked to cancel all events with more than 250 attendees, and any event with more than 50 attendees that expects to have international participants, or involves critical infrastructure staff, seniors or other high-risk populations.

Because of the number of seniors in CALL, we have decided that all Speaker Series events will be cancelled immediately until further notice.  This series covers:
•    CALL CafĂ©
•    Science and Environment
•    Health and Wellness
•    Treks and Travels – both North and South
•    Arts and Humanities
•    Building Calgary Communities
•    Public Policy

We know these are very popular events, but we really have no choice.

Since almost all Interest Groups meetings have less than 50 attending, the Board will review what we should do with these at our Monday meeting.  Until then, members should make their decision on whether to attend them or not

At that Board meeting, we expect to confirm that the Fake News Conference and all Bus trips will also be cancelled.

This is all very sad, as CALL activities mean so much to so many of us.  We must hope we can resume these events soon – though it doesn’t look likely

Ron Foyer
President, CALL

Message as of March 9, 2020

We are concerned because so many CALL members belong to the most susceptible group for the coronavirus (COVID-19) – we are older. The CALL executive is monitoring events and remaining current with recommendations from health authorities and public officials.

There is a March 8 video from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, whose key points are 

  • Risk of being exposed in the province is still low.
  • All cases so far are travellers, or close contact to travellers.
  • And those close contacts are self-isolated until tested.
Alberta Health Services Coronavirus

Since this is the situation, we will continue with all our programs, while closely watching directions from federal and provincial health authorities

  1. We ask that members and any of their guests who are not feeling well to stay away from CALL meetings until they are better
  2. We ask that members who have recently been outside Canada carefully consider not attending CALL meetings until they believe they are no risk to others.
  3. We will be contacting all our venues to find out their plans for handling the situation.
  4. Meetings where members communally touch materials are a special concern. Bridge, Word Freaks and Mah Jong groups fit into this category. The Ukulele groups may also fit. We will provide gloves at Rosedale and cSpace if these groups wish to use them.
  5. At meetings where food and drink are consumed, we suggest that this be stopped until the situation improves such that we believe there is low risk.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Ron Foyer

President, CALL

*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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