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CALL Cultural Flash Happenings

The purpose of CALL Cultural Flash Happenings is to encourage you and other CALL members to meet after various cultural events and discuss them.

Flash Happenings have the potential to bring you together with other CALL members you might not normally meet. Cultural events could include film, the symphony, opera, dance, ballet, poetry literary readings, and art shows, among others.

CALL members who wish to participate put their name on an email list to be kept by a list coordinator.

The Flash Happenings group has attended many diverse events over its life including a trip to the Calgary astronomy observatory, a visit to the symphony, a jazz concert, an art lecture, several excellent films and Shakespeare in the Park.

This group works somewhat differently from other CALL groups which have a specific leader. Instead, you, or anyone on the list, could “invoke” the Flash Happening by emailing your intention to attend a specific event. As an invoker, you would have five responsibilities:

  • Describe the event in the subject line of your email (eg. “Watch the movie Maudie”). Place the specific date, time and place in the body of your email.
  • Give a specific place and time CALL members would meet after the event. “Meet by the ticket booth immediately after the movie.”
  • Say why you are planning to attend the event (eg. “Maudie tells the story of Canadian folk artist Maude Lewis who created incredible beauty in the backwoods and seaside of Nova Scotia.").
  • Scout out a place the group could meet for coffee afterward
  • Help facilitate a discussion of the event

It is essential that invokers carry through on their commitment to be at the event they have suggested.

Members who plan to attend can email the invoker of their intention to come or just show up. If no one else comes, the invoker enjoys the event as he or she ordinarily would have, so nothing is lost.

Action to Take – To include your name on the list of CALL members who wish to be notified of cultural flash happenings, please email .

Please note: Because participants need to email each other, your email address will be visible when emails are sent to other members of the group.

After two weeks from the first posting of this announcement, the list will be emailed to all who signed up and we can begin to let each other know the events we will be attending. Interested parties can sign up afterward at any time.

*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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