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Art Gallery – Studio Visits

We will meet at a variety of public and commercial galleries and individual artist’s studios to enjoy, learn about and appreciate the exhibited art. Whenever possible we will take advantage of presentations by gallery experts, including joining publicly advertised tours and talks.

Most gallery and studio visits take place in the fall and winter months.  Occasionally, visits will be arranged in the spring and summer months.  There is not a regular schedule or set day of the week for outings.  Rather, dates, times and meeting places will be sent by email to Interest Group participants. 

Registration limit: 30
We may need to further limit the attendance for visits to smaller studios.
A waitlist will be maintained.

Facilitated by Elaine Bouey and Marje Wing. To register, please email Marje *

*Before you register, you must be a member of CALL. 


*To participate in most programs, you must be a member.  Exceptions are listed as Open to the Public

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