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The Neighbours You Never Knew 
with Garry Ryan

A creative process has guided me through two series and a standalone novel. An interest in history–specifically the untold stories of WWII–steered me through the Blackbirds historical fiction series. I grew up in a part of Calgary where people served, survived, or fought on opposite sides during the war. This neighbourhood proved to be a story rich environment. One lesson learned was how to knock out a tank in an urban environment.

A fascination with what is going on beneath society’s veneer, combined with stories gathered through three decades of teaching, provided the inspiration for the Detective Lane series.

The most recent novel (Sausage Festival) is inspired by Canada’s perceived rural/urban divide. It uses humour and irreverence as a bonding agent for people who are processing tragedy.

Blending remembrances, experiences, travel, and current events has influenced these novels. This visual and oral presentation hopes to provide insights into the process behind the writing.

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