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Shaun Hunter talks about Calgary through the Eyes of Writers

Shaun Hunter is passionate about her hometown of Calgary, and about books and writing. She has always known that Calgary is much more than its stereotypes of cowboys and oil barons. In 2015, she set out to see if writers had captured the complexities of the city. Her reading project resulted in the book Calgary through the Eyes of Writers, featuring excerpts from over 150 novels, short stories, poems and essays. Her book offers a detailed literary portrait of the city’s history, landscape and identity and shows off the richness and diversity of this place where we all live.

In her slide presentation, Shaun will talk about Calgary’s earliest written literature (1792!); two century-old novels that capture the female experience of the booming pre-First World War city; a provocative sampling of outsiders’ perspectives on the city; and much more.

Prepare to be surprised.

Shaun Hunter has shared her passion for Calgary’s literary landscape on guided walks, on her blog, and as a member of the Calgary reading circle for Project Bookmark Canada. Her book Calgary through the Eyes of Writers (Rocky Mountain Books) was published in November 2018. Shaun’s personal essays have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, including Embedded on the Home Front: Where Military and Civilian Lives Converge (Heritage House, 2012) and Writing Menopause (Inanna Publications, 2017). In 2013, her essay, “Skin Deep” was a finalist for Alberta’s James H. Gray Award for Short Nonfiction. Shaun writes, reads and turns up literary treasures in Calgary. 

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