Treks and Travels
Monthly, 7:30-9:00 p.m., at Rosedale Community Hall, 901-11 Avenue NW (free street parking is available in the evenings). Free for members, $5 charge at the door for non-members. Guests are welcome. No registration required.

Come for an evening of discovery and discussion in an informal and intimate setting! CALL members are an adventurous group and are interested in hearing about active and interesting global pursuits. Each month we will have an interactive presentation from a different presenter.

We are looking for more CALL adventurers–CALL members and others– to come forward to stimulate and inspire us with accounts of their treks and travels. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Janet Samber or Richard King via e-mail at travel@calgarylifelonglearners.ca.


Winter 2015

  • Wednesday, February 18
  • Feb 18 India

    Teaching and Travelling in India

    Fran spent four months in the state of Maharasta, India as volunteer mentoring Indian teachers in a Hindu Residential School. In addition to the experience of working in a new and emerging middle class India she was able to visit amazing Heritage sites and spend some time in southern India. Some of the highlights include Mumbai and its environs: Dhobi Ghats, Elephanta Caves, Haji Ali Shrine, Bombay’s Lunchmen at the world’s busiest train station, and many temples, parks, and markets. Kerala and the incredible Taj Mahal concluded a fabulous and enlightening journey.

  • Wednesday, March 18
  • turkey 2

    Sacred Spaces of Turkey – The Art and Architecture of Mosques, Churches and Ancient Sites in Turkey

    While working as a rug and textile expert, custom shopping for antique carpets and textiles, Catherine Mortensen has visited Istanbul twice a year for the past twenty years. Her travels outside of Istanbul have ranged broadly throughout Turkey. Catherine’s presentation will focus on the art and architecture of sacred sites. While traveling throughout Turkey Catherine has always has a camera in her hand. This presentation will focus on the art and architecture of sacred sites from Istanbul to Cappadocia, from Trabazon to Sanliurfa; mountain monasteries, dervish lodges, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques; frescos, ceramics, mosaics and tiles. Layer upon layer of culture and history with the earliest site being the relatively recent archeological discovery of Gobekli Tepe dating to 9,500 BCE.

  • Wednesday, April 15
  • Tom T and T

    The Hike of Your Life: The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

    Although the hike across northern Spain is 1,200 years old, its popularity has dramatically increased over the past decade, tripling to over 300,000 pilgrims/year.

    Tom Kerwin, who recently completed the 800-kilometre hike, will provide a colourful travelogue of the Camino, as well as revealing its importance to Spanish history and culture. Tom will provide all the information you need if you’re considering doing the hike – or just enjoying it from your armchair.