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As members of the Program Committee, Interest Area Coordinators recruit new facilitators, develop new interest groups, and oversee existing interest groups in their interest area portfolio. As an Interest Area Coordinator, you are requested to do the following:

1)    Attend Program Committee meetings and CALL Cafés.

2)    Provide description, including schedule and meeting place, of each interest group in your area to the Program Committee co-chairs and the webmaster. Ensure that the information and schedules are kept up to date.

3)    Maintain regular communication with Interest Group Facilitators in order to

a)    advise facilitators and help with any issues that might arise in their groups;
b)    monitor their membership numbers, assessing the possible need to add another group;
c)    recognize changes in focus within groups as they evolve; and
d)    assess the continuing viability of groups.

4)    Make announcements about developments in your interest area at monthly CALL Cafés as appropriate, and encourage Interest Group Facilitators to do so as well.

5)    Promote your interest area to CALL members informally, such as at CALL Cafés, encouraging members both to sign up for interest groups and to propose new interest groups.

6)    Recruit and encourage new facilitators and new interest groups through networking, following leads, and responding to suggestions made to the Program Committee.

7)    Report to the Program Committee regularly about the status of your interest groups, including any problems faced, new ideas, successes, etc.

8)    Where necessary, supply waiver forms to facilitators whose Interest Group’s activities require them. Collect the completed forms once the activities are completed or the group ceases to exist; give these to the CALL Secretary, who will keep them on file for two years.

For downloadable CALL Waiver Forms, click here.



In addition to leading their groups, Interest Group Facilitators stay in contact with their Interest Group Coordinator for as long as the interest group continues to meet. As an Interest Group Facilitator, you are requested to do the following:

1)    Provide a completed CALL Interest Group Information form for each proposed or ongoing interest group to the area coordinator (includes title; brief description; frequency, day, time and place of meetings; facilitator’s contact information; and how participants register).

2)    Preferably be responsible for accepting registrations from CALL members and responding to questions from potential members. Create and maintain a list of the participants, including names and e-mail addresses, and provide this list periodically as requested to the coordinator. If unable to do this, arrange with the Coordinator for someone else to take over this function.

3)    A week before the start date, if your registration is below the minimum number, contact your coordinator to determine whether the group will go ahead or not.

4)    If registration in your interest group is full, keep a waiting list of those wishing to register. If a member of the group stops attending regularly, contact them to determine if they’re still planning on staying in the group. If they are not, fill the vacancy with the first on the waiting list.

5)    At the first group meeting, make decisions in consultation with group members regarding time, frequency and location of meetings, as well as whether group meetings will be suspended over particular periods (e.g., summer). Convey this information to the Coordinator, who will ensure that it is available on the website.

6)    If waivers are required (check with coordinator), get forms from coordinator, distribute them to all participants, and ensure that each participant returns a completed form before activities begin. Keep completed forms at hand for duration of the group (or specific activities). Once the activities or the group ends, give completed forms to Coordinator.

7)    If group members miss a session when changes to the schedule or location have been decided on, ensure that the missing members are informed about the changes.

8)    If special equipment, clothes, footwear, costs, etc., are needed for an event, make sure that everyone knows what to wear and what to bring with them.

9)    Make announcements about developments in your interest group at CALL Cafés and in brief written reports to the Community and Public Relations Committee for the newsletter On CALL and on the website, as appropriate.

10)    If feasible, have some photographs taken of group activities, ensuring that people in the photo agree for it to be posted on the website or used in the newsletter. Forward such digital photos (jpeg format) to the coordinator.

11)    Identify ways to share some of what the group learns or does with the larger membership at a CALL Café or elsewhere.

12)    Ensure that all group members feel included and comfortable in the group learning environment.