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CALL Cafés are monthly get-togethers where members can socialize, learn about and sign up for interest groups, propose new interest groups, and have a short, stimulating program ( a speaker, or some other sort of participatory event). Free for members. Guests are welcome; donation appreciated. No registration.

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  • Monday, June 8, Rosedale Community Centre,
    901 – 11th Ave. N.W., 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Tripping the World Fantastic: a journey through the music of our planet

Every culture on Earth has music. Every culture that’s ever existed has had music, but we don’t exactly know why. It’s not as essential as food or shelter or having opposable thumbs. We don’t need it to live, and yet we can’t seem to live without it. In Tripping the World Fantastic, author Glenn Dixon travels the globe exploring how and why people make music.

Glenn Dixon has written two travel books and has had articles published in National Geographic magazine, the Globe and Mail, the Walrus and many others. He has travelled through more than 70 countries now. His latest book, Tripping the World Fantastic, is about music around the world and was shortlisted for the W. O. Mitchell Award.

  • Monday, July 13, Rosedale Community Centre,
    901 – 11th Ave. N.W., 1:00-3:00 p.m.

The Art and Science of Singing

What is responsible for such a range of speaking and singing voices, and how does this play out across different languages? How can operatic singers project their voices so well, even at lower registers and diminished volume?  What does the latest science tell us?

Come join international operatic baritone, Don Bell, as he enthusiastically investigates these and other vocal mysteries.  After his operatic career, Don spent over 30 years as a professor at the U of Calgary, specializing in vocal research.