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CALL Cafés are monthly get-togethers where members can socialize, learn about and sign up for interest groups, propose new interest groups, and have a short, stimulating program ( a speaker, or some other sort of participatory event). Free for members. Guests are welcome; donation appreciated. No registration.

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  • Monday, April 13th, Rosedale Community Centre,
    901 – 11th Ave. N.W., 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Red Alert for Water: Art as Experience and Community Activism

If you were going to join a Red Alert For Water event, the invitation would read: Meet at 1 pm at the community centre and bring RED. Our location will be revealed then. Expect to be 4 hours creating the event. Dress for the weather. Participation will be kept anonymous. Artist Barbara Amos will share her experience with Red Alert for Water— an artist led project referencing the headwaters. The community is invited to see art as an experience rather than an object. This project began in Southern Alberta where a small community is divided over resource development, watershed degradation and governmental policy. A lawsuit and civic despair were the impetus. The communities that help stage these photographs and events are people concerned about the threats to the watershed and they work to keep this concern in the foreground. This effort is hard and tiring. Despair and frustration create many ragged edges on our page. Elements of levity help to sustain us. Creativity is a restorative act.
Collaboration is an important factor and the experience is documented through photographs. The imagery should raise questions, invite curiosity and provide an opening for discussion in the press and within the participating communities. For more information, see

Barbara Amos is an artist who considers an idea and the situation as the impetus for new directions. Documentation engages digital media and fabrication as well as more traditional practices. Her materials are diverse. She has completed 4 public art commissions including a steel scope on a city street referencing kaleidoscopes and environmental fragmentation. A 48-foot photographic artwork in an Edmonton hospital is the result of research on multicultural issues. Over the years she has been on many boards for non-profit arts organizations and is currently board member for the Leighton Centre. She has recently received an arts advocacy award from CARFAC, Canadian Artists Representation. She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Her work has been in the Toronto International Art Fair since 2007 and she is represented by galleries in Toronto and Calgary.

  • Mark your calendars – the CALL Café will be held at Rosedale Community Centre from 1:00-3:00 pm. on the following dates in 2015. Specific details about programs will be available soon.

Monday, May 11
Monday, June 8
Monday, July 13